31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 5: 10 Tips For Applying a Bald Cap

Bald cap look I did on classmate

DAY 5:  10 Tips For Applying a Bald Cap
One way to totally change your look for Halloween is with a bald cap. You can create a variety of Halloween looks by using a bald cap, including: vampire, zombie, Queen Elizabeth I (because the hairline is so far back), mad scientist, alien and many more. You can even use a bald cap to aid in changing race or sex. Bald caps give you a blank slate from which to work. If you decide you want to use a bald cap, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Different Types of Bald Caps:
There are two major type of bald caps – plastic and latex. The main difference between the two is that you can dissolve plastic bald cap edges with acetone. This makes for smoother edges and faster application.

10 Tips for Bald Cap Application

  1. Get those baby hairs!
    When you are slicking your hair down with gel or  gafquat, make sure you get those little baby hairs around the forehead, sideburns and nape of the neck. Wild, loose hairs will get caught in glue and hurt like a mutha-flippa when removing the bald cap. Believe me, I know!
  2. Use a blow dryer
    Use a blow dryer to dry the gelled hair. Especially around the edges to ensure those little hair do what they’re told!
  3. Long hair, low ponytail
    If you have long hair, pull it into a low ponytail, laying against the base of the neck.
  4. Pop that collar baby!
    Wear a high collar to hide long hair and/or the back of the bald cap.
  5. Use an eyeliner pencil
    Try on the bald cap and use a eyeliner pencil to trace where to trim.Trim bald cap about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from hairline.
  6. Jagged edge
    When trimming a bald cap, make the edge uneven. It will fool the eye and help when blending in the edges
  7. Blend baby, blend!
    For a more professional, realistic look, edges of the latex bald cap can be blended into the skin with Pros-Aide, latex or a cab-o-sil/Pros-Aide mix called bondo (a thick glue paste).
  8. Texture all over
    After bald cap is glued down, do a layer (or two) of Pros-Aide over the entire bald cap with a textured sponge. Go over the edges too, then powder. This will create texture and give something for the makeup/paint to stick to.
  9. Layer up the colors
    You can paint bald caps with just about anything from cream makeup, Golden Paints, airbrush foundation, Skin Illustrator, the list goes on. It just depends on the look you want to achieve. The most important thing to remember when coloring the bald cap is to layer the colors. If you are doing a natural look, don’t forget to add freckling, which would occur naturally
  10. How to texturize the sponge
    A textured sponge is a great way to quickly color the bald cap. Take a cosmetic wedge. Pretend you area a crazed puppy. Tear little chunks out of the wedge until it looks like a jagged face of a meat tenderizer. The textured sponge will disperse the color in an uneven pattern, which will look more natural.
  11. Powder in between color layers
    If you are using a cream based color, powder in between layers. Wait… this is 11 tips! Oh well, just think of it as a bonus.

Here is a video with students from my alma mater, Vancouver Film School, applying bald caps.

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.  Also comment if you have tips you want to share with the world and link back to your blog.

Safety Note:
Acetone is extremely flammable use only with good ventilation and avoid all ignition sources. See Physical Hazard Information.

Cab-o-sil ( fumed silica) is used as a powdered filler used in food products. Always use a respirator when using Cab-o-sil in powder form because it is harmful if inhaled. 

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