• DaisyBrushTree by Bengabella

    Hang Dry Your Makeup Brushes with the Benjabelle Brush Tree 

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  • Mimi & JR Eye shadowCoveredFaceSml

    Too Faced Keeping it sexy

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  • Urban Decay Electric Palette

    Urban Decay Electric Palette Not for the timid

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  • Smashbox Full Exposure

    Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

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  • A week-long eye shadow palette extravaganza!

    Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes At Ulta

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  • Fun Walking Dead Zombie Makeup Tutorial by beeisforbeeauty

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  • FeatureLegacyFX

    Impromptu tour of Legacy Effects and fun with Iron Man

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  • Feeling inspired

    Shame and inspiration

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  • The A.L.E Theory

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  • Featured

    IMATS LA 2013 Slideshow

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