31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 4: YouTube Halloween Tutorials. Fun with Latex!

DAY 4: YouTube Halloween Tutorials. Fun with Latex!
While perusing through YouTube (when I should be working) I came across these videos for Halloween makeup.  If you don’t know what you want to be for Halloween, YouTube has a plethora of video ideas to inspire you… or at the very least, entertain. Here are three that I felt I had to share.  The videos I chose all have a one thing in common. LATEX. So if you have a latex allergy, these are for not for you. Latex is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with, which makes it ideal for personal halloween looks. I give mad props to these YouTubers for their ingenuity, creativity and for sharing their genius with the world.

Tips for Working With Latex:

  • Do an allergy test before using latex
  • Latex will rip out hair when it’s removed! Seal eyebrows or other hairy areas before applying latex over them.
  • Latex may dry out the skin a bit. A barrier cream can help but it could also reduce how well the latex sticks to your skin.

Creepy/Cute Pink Care Bear:
Ok, if someone told me that Care Bears could be creepy I would laugh at them. But this tutorial from Sharks Bite of Life on how to turn your head into a pink Care Bear with a rhinestone nose, gave me the creeps! It’s almost 30 mins long. Since I have the attention span of a 3 year old, I scanned through it. It was still a very creepy transformation. The latex is used to glue the hair to the face.  If you have a latex allergy, use spirit gum or telesis glue. 

Pinhead From Hellraiser:
There were a few Pinhead tutorials but I really liked this one by UnlimitedElizabeth, who has over 90 videos posted. This video is less than 10mins long and she really explains the procedure so you feel like you can do it too. Although you might need a friend to help with the back of the bald cap. The finished look seems as though it would hurt if you fall or bump into something, but Elizabeth said that this is not as dangerous as it looks.  Don’t miss watching her peel her face off at the end!

Hot Wax Melting Face:
This hot wax look is by Goldiestarling.  She has over 150 videos posted. This is an interesting 3D layered effect that takes a bit of time and planning.  She uses Elmer’s glue and latex for this look.  You could do some variations on this look, like a bloody melting face. Or go for a green toxic, chemical melting look just by coloring the latex before and/or after application. Or stick with the candle wax look and wear a half melted candle on your head. Of course, just as it is, Goldiestarling’s finished look with creepy contacts is quite disturbing!

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.  Also comment if you have tips you want to share with the world and link back to your blog.

I do not know these YouTuber’s, but I like their work. However, I have not personally tried these looks, but the theory seems sound…. and possibly a little itchy.  Please use common sense when following any tutorials on YouTube. One of the ladies uses Elmer’s glue in the video. I have not used Elmer’s glue for any special fx makeup when on set or at home.  Some say that Elmer’s glue doesn’t have the same look and feel as liquid latex and that it is not meant for use on the skin. Elmer’s glue is listed as non-toxic, but I prefer to stick with liquid latex (pun intended….(rimshot please!))

One thought on “31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 4: YouTube Halloween Tutorials. Fun with Latex!

  1. I watched all 4 videos and none of them use Elmer’s glue. However the last one does us an empty container in which she put liquid latex to facilitate the application

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