31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 12: How To Apply Tooth Color

My teeth before tooth color application

31 Days of Halloween – Day 12: How To Apply Tooth Color
Yesterday, we talked about the type of tooth color (tooth enamel) available.  Brands like Kryolan, Ben Nye and Mehron make good quality products to color your teeth with. All to help enhance your Halloween look, or to just gross people out in general. Today we are going to talk about how to apply tooth color.  I am using Kryolan Tooth EnamelI  have used this tooth color on actors, but I haven’t used any on myself since the time I tested it in school a few years back. So in the interested of being the best blogger I can be, I applied it again.  Here are the steps I went through to apply the tooth color.

After with nicotine and black color applied

What you will need:

  • Tooth color of your choice – I am using Kryolan Tooth Enamel
  • Q-Tips –  for application
  • Towel – to try your teeth
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush – for removing tooth color

Steps to apply tooth color:

  • Shake tooth color bottle thoroughly
  • Dry teeth with a towel and suck in air through teeth to help with drying
  • Dip Q-Tip in tooth color bottle, or use the brush to apply color to Q-Tip (don’t double dip!)
  • Use Q-Tip to apply tooth color to dry teeth
  • Keep mouth open and breathe through teeth to help color dry faster. Don’t close your mouth until color is dry to the touch.
  • Once color is dry you are ready to share your smile with the world!

Coloring the teeth can be a bit tricky because the mouth is a very wet area and the tooth color won’t stick to wet teeth. Dry the teeth individually, right before coloring them. Don’t close your mouth until color is applied and fully dry.

Most tooth color bottles come with a brush for application. I prefer to use a Q-Tip for application (and never double-dip!), instead of the brush. That way I am not putting my mouth bacteria into the bottle. Plus, this let’s me share the bottle with others. However, the directions say you can use the brush on your teeth, so I suppose it’s fine.  I just like to be as sanitary as possible.

There are many colors available, including
White – If you want to brighten your smile
Black – Gives the illusion a portion of your tooth is missing or that the whole tooth is gone
Nicotine –  For dingy teeth
Red – Will give your teeth a blood stained look
And a whole host of other nasty colors, like Zombie Rot and Spinach, to make you look like you haven’t seen a toothbrush or a dentist in years.

Yuck Mouth with blacked out teeth

Also, while testing  this blog, a Sparkletts water guy came to the door. He had the wrong address. I forgot that I had this stuff on my teeth and answered the door smiling and chatting at the handsome man.  He did a slight double take and seem to forget why he was there. Still he was polite and went about his way.

I think I will use the pic on the left for my dating profile pic.

Here is my YouTube video on tooth color application parts 1 & 2.  Check it out and tell me what think.


Part 2

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.  Also comment if you have tips on this subject you want to share with the world and link back to your blog.

Please note:  Kryolan Tool Enamel is not recommended for use on veneers or crowns.

4 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 12: How To Apply Tooth Color

  1. Very interesting blog! I generally use a mask for my Halloween needs but use make-up around my eyes for a more realistic effect when the mask is pulled up snug on myface.

    As a guy I’m largely ignorant about make-up and just end up using whatever I can find each season.

    Any suggestions for something that would be easy to apply, stay on through heavy sweating, and not take forever to remove?

    • Good question! The cheap grease paint they sell at halloween stores is just petrolium jelly and pigment and doesn’t last long at all. Try Kryolan Supracolor in black . You can set it with a colorless powder to help it stay longer. It cost about $8 and it will last for years. Also, Ben Nye makes a good face painting cream makeup and Mehron has quality cream and powder makeup that would do the job.

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