I Miss The Patriotic Wonder Woman


Looks like Wonder Woman wants to be like Xena

Is The New Wonder Woman Too Xena?
I love Wonder Woman. I have Wonder Woman decorative pins, my phone case has Wonder Woman on it, I wear Wonder Woman underpants ( I know, I’m 40, so what!).  I have the MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman lip gloss and nail polishes from a few years back. But this new incarnation of Wonder Woman, as part of the Batman v  Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, leaves me a little…. flat. I miss the bright, fun colors she always wore. I miss the Lynda Carter era of Wonder Woman, all patriotic and ready to kick some Nazi ass!


New Wonder Woman pic released from Warner Bros.


Wonder Woman is An Amazon Princess
However, my sister did remind me that Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess and as such, the new attire is more befitting her origin. I must say that actress Gal Gadot is wearing the heck out of the new look. But it’s a little too Xena Warrior Princess for my taste (I love Xena, so I’m not dissing the girl).

Even as bad as the Wonder Woman TV pilot  from 2011 was (with Adrianne Palicki playing Wonder Woman), I still like the fact that they stuck to the basic color scheme.  All American, all butt-kicking, all the time! God Bless America!

I may be wrong and I may change my mind after I see the movie, but for now. Bring back the old red, gold and blue! Or at least put some red lipstick on her.


MeganFox as WW

My ex had a copy of the 2011 unaired WW pilot. It was tough to watch. :/

 What do you think of the new Wonder Woman look? Do you love it? Hate it? Don’t really care in the grand scheme of things? Holla at ya girl in the comments below.

I love the Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

I love the Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

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2 thoughts on “I Miss The Patriotic Wonder Woman

  1. I agree – I love how she looks, but it’s definitely more gladiator than anything. However, I’ve heard that the costume will look more colorful in the movie than in this pic. I’m just glad they are finally giving her some screen time. Diana!

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