Too Faced Keeping it sexy

Get Yo Shimmer ON!

Get Yo Shimmer ON!

Too Faced is Bringing Sexy Back
Continuing with Palette Wekk, today we have Too Faced Return of Sexy eye shadow palette. A palette for those who want to get their shimmer on! The name alone makes you want to buy it.  If you are looking to spice up your eye shadow routine, but the Urban Decay Electric palette is a little too much for you, this is a good way to mix things up.


Keeping Momma Sexy
I have enough shimmery colors in my makeup kit. However, I bought this palette for my sister, Mimi, a while back and she LOVES it. She receives compliments everywhere she goes when wearing these colors. Mimi is a 30-ish stay-at-home mom, so she likes to jazz up her look when she gets the chance (on date night with the hubby). For day-to-day where Mimi uses neutral matte shades. But night-time is the right time for the Return of Sexy!

Ahhhh… motherhood

My sister (wearing the Too Faced colors) and her kids. My nephew was so excited about hugging his sister that he did not realize what he was doing. I love this pic.

  • Includes 15 shades inspired by looks from the past and present, with colors named like The Icon and The Bombshell.
  • Includes a full size Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Perfect Black
  • Use the deluxe size Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer to help the colors stay put.
  • Comes with a how-to “Glamour Guide” with step-by-step instructions for creating various sexy looks
  • The liner that comes with will dry out and become difficult to use so you have to sharpen it down when that happens
  • I purchased it from Naimies in Los Angeles (in the Valley), but if you are not in Souther Cali, you can find this palette at Ulta and Sephora
  • Cost is about $49

Are you into Too Faced makeup? Holla at ya girl in the comments below.

Here's my pretty little niece

Mimi does a blog called Productive Mommy

I also wrote an article for Examiner. com (my paying gig) listing The Top 3 Palettes at Ulta. Check it out and let me know what you think. Seriously… I need the clicks…. click on it!!!! Thank you!

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