Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes At Ulta

You don't have to break the bank to look good!

You don’t have to break the bank to look good!

Top 5 eye shadows palettes to try (besides Urban Decay’s Naked series)

When you go into Ulta Beauty store the number of eye shadow palettes can be a little overwhelming. For years Urban Decay’s Naked eye shadow palettes have reigned supreme. Especially if you want to go from day to evening in neutral matte to shimmering shades that worked for all skin types. But if you are looking to be different from the rest of the pack, something other than their Naked palette, here are some of the top palettes to try.  All of which you can find at your local Ulta Beauty stores or online at

It’s a week long eye shadow palette extravaganza!

So for the next week or so (maybe more depending on my schedule) I will be talking eye shadow palette. You know the things that hold more colors that any individual woman will use in a lifetime, but you want it anyway? Some of these palettes were picked for their versatility, or price point and others for their  uniqueness. This list includes Smashbox’s Full Exposure, Lorac Pro Palette, Too Faced Return of Sexy, Urban Decay’s Electric Pressed Pigment Palette and NYX  Cosmetics Dream Catcher Palette.  There’s something for every style whether you enjoy a natural, nude look, or like to rock all the colors of the rainbow. I got you covered baby!

I also wrote an article for Examiner. com (my paying gig) listing The Top 3 Palettes at Ulta. Check it out and let me know what you think. Seriously… I need the clicks…. click on it!!!! Thank you!

About Ulta
According to their website “ULTA Beauty is the largest beauty retailer that provides one-stop shopping for prestige, mass and salon products and salon services in the United States….ULTA Beauty also offers a full-service salon in all of its stores” Find out more at Ulta Website:

What is your favorite eye shadow palette? Holla at ya girl in the comments below.

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