Impromptu tour of Legacy Effects and fun with Iron Man


Posing with suits used in Iron Man and Cowboys and Aliens at Legacy Effects

Today I went to bring my boyfriend his lunch at Legacy Effects where he is working on a special project. Before we sat down to eat, he gave me an impromptu tour of the shop! I got a chance to  see the suits and effects from some of my favorite movies like Pacific Rim,  Iron Man 3, Thor and The Avengers. Plus, items from projects that haven’t been released yet.

I was soooo excited! Legacy Effects is HUGE! They have walk-in foam ovens and giant spray booths, it’s a special makeup effects wet dream! There were only a few staff there since it is a Sunday, but there can be upward of 100 employees working in the shop doing concept designing, sculpting, mold making, fabrication, animatronics, hair punching and much more. There was so much stuff in the shop it was overwhelming.

They were nice enough to let me take a few pictures, but because some of the projects Legacy Effects is working on are very hush, hush, I was only allowed to photograph a small area.  It was still way cool! Check out the photos below and the Legacy Effects blog where they talk about recent projects.


Iron Man was reluctant but he soon came around and let me take a few pics


Holding hands with Iron Man suit from the first movie.


The robots from Real Steel look down on us as we tour to shop



Items from movies like Terminator and Thor

Find out more about Legacy Effects
Twitter: @LegacyEffects
ouTube: TheLegacyEFX

What is your favorite movie that Legacy Effects has worked on? Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you thought of it. I would love to hear from you!

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