Helping out at Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Stan Winston School - 25

It was an honor to assist Bruce in his video tutorial for Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

I was a T.A. at S.W.S.C.A
A few months back I had the opportunity to assist Bruce Spaulding Fuller in a video tutorial he recorded for Stan Winston School of Character Arts (SWSCA). It was part of a series of videos showing how to create a witch character prosthetic from beginning to end. I assisted in just one video where Bruce demonstrated how to mold his sculpts, and later how to open the molds up and clean them. I did a LOT of mold cleaning (and I have the scraps and scratches to prove it). Good times, good times!

I enjoyed working with Bruce and the good people at SWSCA. I even met the co-founders, including Matt Winston (son of the late Stan Winston). Everyone there was nothing but nice to me and I was very honored to work with them.  Because I was there at the right time, they even let me be a part of their thank you video for the People’s Voice, Webby award the school won for Best How-to & DIY Channel.  Plus, I got a chance to watch Don Lanning while he was teaching a live, interactive, online class to students from all over the globe.  All in all it was a great couple of days!

Bruce OnsetSWSCA

Bruce, hard a work, passing on his years of experience.

Stan Winston School of Character Arts has online classes on sculpting, mold making, hair knotting, making eye balls, maquettes, props, even fx corset harness fabrication (I know, I didn’t know what that was either) and too many other classes to mention. AND all this is taught by industry giants like Howard Berger, Steve Wang, Don Lanning, and Bruce Spaulding Fuller (of course I am a little partial to Mr. Fuller). I was afforded the opportunity to view their online classes for free. In a later blog I will be talking more about what the online school has to offer.

Find out more about the Stan Winston School of Character Arts
Twitter: @SWinstonSchool
Facebook: StanWinstonSchool
YouTube: StanWinstonSchool

Have you virtually “attended” the Stan Winston School of Character Arts? Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you thought of it. I would love to hear from you!

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Bruce hard at work molding the cowl piece.

Bruce explaining to create a proper mold.


Bruce Spaulding Fuller and the dp, John Ales (not pictured) kept me laughing in between takes.

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