CD case doubles as touch-up palette on set


I have been battling a horrible migraine, now that it has subsided, today’s post will be brief.

CD cases do double duty as makeup palettes:
Here is a tip I learned from working on set with special fx makeup artist, Ashley Hooker. When you are on set use clam shell CD cases as touch-up palettes. Put your lipstick and other cream makeup in there for quick, easy access when doing last looks on set.  I usually palette all the cream products for the actor into the cd case from the start of the application. That way I am ready travel when the actor is called to set.  This works well for beauty and special fx makeups.

Label your cases:
Label the cases using a permanent marker so you don’t get the actor’s makeup mixed up.These cases in a range of colors, which comes in handy. You can assign each actor a color.

Different Styles of Cases:
Also there are different styles of CD cases but I prefer the flexible, semi-round, clam shell case, instead of the hard, plastic, square CD case which can crack and leave sharp edges.

Where to buy:
You can usually find these clam shell CD cases at drug stores like Rite Aid or CVS  for around $15 for a pack of 20. Or buy them online even cheaper.

Remember, no double dipping between palettes!

Find out more about Ashley Hooker on:
IMDB: Ashley Hooker
Ashley’s Portfolio:

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. Do you use CD cases or something different on set? I would love to hear from you!

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About the migraine… Thanks to my dear mom for her prayers at 3am. I believe it helped!

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