Back in action with a bottle of KY

Applying makeup to the lovely and amazing, Chelsea Shaddix, on the student film The Stranger, directed by Muslim Sahin.

All moved in
I have been off the grid for a while. I have moved into my new place and finally have internet (no more phoning it in!). Almost settled in now. Plus, my dog, Honey, has really taken to the new place and that makes me happy.

Don’t use glycerin when K-Y will do
The last few months have been interesting. I have worked on several short films and even got a Key credit on the feature film Farah Goes Bang, directed by Meera Menon. The talented  Cara Liedlich, was HOD on the film. I will talk more about each of the films later, as well as some tips and tricks I picked up along the way.

Ok, I will give you one tip now: Don’t use glycerin when K-Y Jelly will do. Let me clarify that I am talking about creating a sweaty look for a character makeup. Glycerin can sting sensitive eyes a bit.

One year older
Also, earlier this month, I had a another birthday (sigh), my 39th to be exact.  I got a little sad about the impending day and the subsequent days thereafter. I guess because each day is one more day closer to my 40th birthday.  I think I lost a bit of my mojo for a while. 40 ain’t 20, but maybe that’s a good thing? I have learned so much along the way and I have great friends and family, both near and far.

Things that make me smile
A few things that did brighten my day this month were my nephew’s 2nd birthday and that the blogger of virtuous and beautiful  nominated me for an award . Thanks V&B! I am very flattered.

My nephew painting with the birthday gift I sent him. This pic always makes me smile!

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. I would love to hear from you!

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