Plan to go with the flow

The amazing MUA, guitarist and balloon artist, Ashley Hooker, came over and we all had a great time.

Just last week my sister, Mimi, & my baby nephew, Lil’ Will, came to visit me for a week, from Missouri. We had so much fun!

Lil’ Will is 22 months and constantly talking, running, moving, and playing. Keeping up with him is more work than being on a movie set!  While they were here we visited with other friends and family.  We were even lucky enough to have MUA Ashley Hooker come over and amaze us with her balloon animals, and guitar sing-a-longs. A good time was had by all!

They left on Monday and since then, I have been un-babyproofing my house (no more pesky outlet covers!), cleaning and getting ready for another shoot, by participating in a makeup test. I love makeup test, the test help me plan and know what to expect, even when I am assisting someone else.  Plus, it helps me know that the director is getting what they want. Even if later while on set, things change in the moment,  when I have a plan, it makes it easier to go with the flow.

I tried to plan for my family’s visit, but things change and I learned that when dealing with kids it’s also good to go with the flow and not worry about sticky hands, the back seat of my car peppered with Gold Fish crackers and fruit bits, or the lack or sleep (I don’t know how my sister does it on a daily basis).  It was fantastically, wonderful and crazy and I hope they come back again soon.

Lil Will and my sister. It was all hugs and kisses during their visit. I miss them already!

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