Jane Iredale – mineral makeup that’s good for the skin

Ana Preciado demonstrating mascara application using wedge sponge as a guard

At the Hair and Makeup Artist Network monthly meeting earlier this week, makeup artist, Ana Preciado, did a Jane Iredale red carpet makeup demo. Ana is a veteran makeup & special effects artist with over 15 years in the industry and she previously worked as a national trainer for the Jane Iredale line.

Jane Iredale Cosmetics
I have seen the Jane Iredale line in stores, but I had no idea that a mineral makeup could give so much coverage! According to the info I received, the entire Jane Iredale line has skin care benefits.  This is definitely a line that I want to research and learn more about. I believe it would a nice addition to my kit. Often times actors are concerned with what’s in the products being applied to their skin. It would be nice to reassure them that not only is the makeup helping them look good at the moment, but that is made with natural ingredients and is healthy for their skin as well..

Last but not least I was intrigued to see that she curled the model’s eye lashes with a thin metal spoon! An old school trick that really works (Jane Iredale does not sell lash spoons).  I look forward to talking to Ana again. She has a plethora of information on the Jane Iredale line and about the makeup industry in general.

There was also a T3 demo, which I will talk about in a later blog because it is already 11:41pm and it’s past my bedtime.

Day to Night Makeup for Warm Tones from the Jane Iredale YouTube Channel

Learn more about Jane Iredale Cosmetics 
Website:  janeiredale.com
Twitter:  @janeiredale
YouTube: jane iredale
Facebook: jane iredale – THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. Have you tried Jane Iredale Cosmetics? I would love to hear from you!

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