Looking to jump start my career with coach Shawn Tolleson

Jump Start flyer

I have been getting work doing makeup on short films lately, but I think I could be doing better. Being a freelance makeup artist can be a bit lonesome and confusing at times. This evening I am attending a free Jump Start Intro course. It’s part of Strategy Coaching’s promotion for their one month Career-Igniting Jump Start Course led by professional career coach Shawn Tolleson.  I saw her speak at the last Hair and Makeup Artist Network meeting and she has some really good advice, so I am interested in see what else she has to say this evening.  I will let you know what I think of the intro course.

If you are interested there will be another free  free Jump Start Intro course:
Thursday, April 12 at 7:15pm. RSVP at intronight@strategy-coaching.net

Here is an excerpt from  Jump Start program website:

“In Jump Start™ you will…

  • Clearly articulate your next breakthrough goal and a strong plan to accomplish it.
  • Identify your brand and learn to share it powerfully.
  • Learn the skills of Pitching Yourself Powerfully™ in any encounter, meeting or networking event.
  • Get feedback on how you occur when you are presenting or meeting people for the first time. Learn how to present authentically and powerfully.
  • Identify the right mentor for where you are in your career and effectively approach that mentor.
  • Identify your current relationships as well as relationships you need to cultivate for your success and the tools for doing so.
  • Learn to identify your core motivation for every action you take in life and how to shift ineffective actions into effective actions to accomplish your goals.
  • Learn the biological roots of fear and how to move past it in the moment when you are stopped by fear or confusion.
  • Gain new relationships and resources, a new team of people around you, and coaches supporting you.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Make bold, appropriate requests that produce results.
  • Gain individualized support and accountability so as to manage the ups and downs powerfully.

Please note that Jump Start™ is designed both for beginning and mid-career professionals. Anyone who needs a structure for accomplishment, strategic goal-setting, accountability and coaching will benefit.”

Find out more about Strategy Coaching & Shawn Tolleson:

Twitter: @StrategyCoachng
Facebook: Strategy Coaching
Website: www.strategy-coaching.net

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. I would love to hear from you!

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Facebook: MakeupDrShari
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