Urban Decay Lip Love works great on my cuticles

Lately I have noticed that my cuticles are so dry and cracked.  Probably because of all the drying products that I use when cleaning my makeup kit. Plus, the fact that I wash and sanitize my hands constantly when I am working on set. On top of that I have mild eczema which means I am constantly battling dryness. I don’t think about it much unless I have to go to a networking event. I put heavy creams on my hands so they aren’t dry but my cuticles still look like dried lizard skin shoved at the base of my nail.

Mysterious pimple…
A while back I purchased some Urban Decay honey Infused  lip therapy called Lip Love.  It soften my lips and kept them from being chapped .  Unfortunately if also caused a pimple at the edge of my lip every time l used it. The first time it happened I thought it was something that the CDC warns people about.   Luckily it was just a pimple.  When I realized it  was the Lip Love, I was really P.O.’d because I LOVED the product.  Plus, I had bought the Lip  Love in two colors.  Right when I was about to toss both Lip Loves in the trash, I thought about the Ingredients : apricot kernel seed oil, millet oil, vitamin  C, JoJoba oil, and honey.

Finding alternative uses for products
I  looked at my cuticles, then looked at the Lip Love, then looked at my cuticles again… (this went on for a few minutes) and I had an idea!  I massaged a small dollop of the Urban Decay Lip Love into my cuticles and the difference  was AMAZING! My cuticles have never looked so good .  Sure, you can put regular oil on your cuticles, but then you are left with greasy fingertips.  Lip Love absorbs quickly so you can get on with the rest of your day.

So, I started to use a little bit on my hands and it left them so smooth, with the faint aroma of honey (hhhhmmmm). It even works on my rough feet. On top of that I only need to use a very small amount. Just a little dab will do ya.  It’s like a dry  skin serum for me. It works great on elbows and   knees too! The  tube of Lip Love is  only 0.34 fl  oz, but since I only use a tiny amount it should last me quite a while.

I still think Urban Decay makes great products
I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy this product for your lips. I have recommended Lip Love to several people who have no issues with the product. This is just a note that before you throw a product away, see if you can’t find another use for it.

Now, if I ever run into a gentleman who chooses to kiss my hand, maybe the alluring scent of honey will cause him to fall madly in love with me. Maybe… (sigh)

Urban Decay, Lip Love in Berry, looks and feels great on my lips but works even better on my cuticles!

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. I would love to hear from you!

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