Website worth visiting: The Hair and Makeup Artist Network

Here is one more website I have added to the ” Websites Worth Visiting” blog roll.  You can find the list in the left sidebar of my site.

New Additions:

The Hair & Makeup Artist Network (HMAN)

The first networking organization for Hair and Makeup Artists by Hair & Makeup Artists.  For working freelance Hair & Makeup Artists in the entertainment, fashion, salon, and bridal industry

Why I added it to the list:
I wrote about HMAN in Tuesday’s blog.  The Hair & Makeup Artist Network website has a vast cornucopia of information for makeup artist and hair stylist, including financial planning, networking dinners, educational workshops, career coaching, virtual classrooms, production listing and much, much more.  When I saw their site, I felt like the heavens opened up and the angels were singing “AAAAAHHHHH!” This was exactly what I needed – a group of like-minded professionals to network. Plus, it’s one-stop-shopping to find answers you need to become a more successful freelance artist.

I had my orientation yesterday, where I and the other new members got a chance to meet with the CEO, Michelle Lee, while she explain the membership benefits available, and how to access them. Michelle and a few other members even looked over our portfolios. I am excited to get my profile listing up on the site and participate in the online forums.  If you are a makeup artist in the Los Angeles area you should check out The Hair & Makeup Artist Network  and see for yourself.

Also read more about this group in the Make-up  Artist Magazine article.

Pictures from previous HMAN events

Find out more about The Hair & Makeup Artist Network:
Call: 323-913-9375

Facebook: The Hair & Makeup Artist Network
LinkedIn: The Hair & Makeup Artist Network
Twitter: @HMartistnetwork 

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. If you are a member of HMAN, I would love to hear from you!

Twitter: @MakeupDrShari
Facebook: MakeupDrShari Articles: LA Makeup Examiner

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