Hair and Makeup Artist Network helps freelance artist navigate the murky waters to success

Makeup Artist Monday will have to wait for next week
Sorry, I missed blogging on Monday.  Yesterday I was going to start “Makeup Artist Mondays” where I would feature a new makeup artist and talk about their talents. However, that will have to wait until next week.

HMAN ad recently placed in the Directors Guild Magazine, letting industry folks know where to find quality hair & makeup artist. Plus the pics in the ad highlight members work. Just another benefit of the organization.

Instead of blogging yesterday, I was working on the last day of shooting, for a short film with Back To One Films founders Dan Beals and Ryan Lacen. Two very cool cats to work for on a beautiful Monday.  Later I attended  my very first Hair & Makeup Artist Network (HMAN) meeting.  There was no time to come home and write in between stops. I should have brought my tablet with me so I could write on the go.

I was excited when makeup artist, Cara Liedlich, told me about HMAN. Being a freelance makeup artist can be a bit lonely and daunting at times. Career coach Shawn Tolleson described it as “The crooked ladder” because there is no on certain way to get ahead. If you want to be a doctor, there is a clear path as to what you need to do to reach your goal. You know you have to go to school, you know exactly what you need to study and that you will do a residency and then, bam! You are a doctor. Our field of study isn’t as cut and dry.  Even the best education won’t guarantee you work when you graduate.

What is The Hair & Makeup Artist Network?
The Hair & Makeup Artist Network is the first networking organization for Hair and Makeup Artists by Hair & Makeup Artists. HMAN offers a myriad of helpful services and opportunities for learning and networking.  Last night they had a braiding hair styling demo from a Matrix salon professional, and a presentation from Strategy Coaching founder Shawn Tolleson.  HMAN helps freelance artist navigate the murky waters to success.

Benefits of joining The Hair & Makeup Artist Network:
I just joined and received my welcome email this morning. Here are a list of benefit members (like me) will enjoy. Well worth the $13.25 a month to join.

* Full access to the website giving you business tools and insider industry information
* Free artist profile to advertise your services
* Half off on all industry network mixers
* 20% off our live classes and business seminars
* Free video tutorials in our virtual classroom
* 15% off all Branding and Marketing Services (including website design and career coaching)
* Production Listings
* Rate negotiation options
* Lists of testing photographers
* Employer listings
* Legal resources
* Insider information about networking events in your area
* Legal resources
* Career Advice
* 3%-10% off Apple products and a dedicated customer care rep
* 20% off Cinema Secrets
* Free use of Cinema Secrets makeup room
* 15%-20% off select restaurants in your area
* 30% off Variety
* $50 off The Hollywood Reporter annual subscription
* Discounts off Makeup Artist Magazine Subscriptions
* Movie Screening invitations
* Job referrals
* Free financial counseling
* Discounted supplemental insurance such as dental and vision

Find out more about The Hair & Makeup Artist Network on:

Call: 323-913-9375

Facebook: The Hair & Makeup Artist Network
LinkedIn: The Hair & Makeup Artist Network
Twitter: @HMartistnetwork

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. I would love to hear from you!

Twitter: @MakeupDrShari
Facebook: MakeupDrShari Articles: LA Makeup Examiner

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