Meeting at The Republic of Pie

The happy folks at The Republic of Pie. I ❤ you and your tasty pastries!

I had a meeting today with a producer about an up coming project. He suggested we meet in North Hollywood, at the Republic of Pie. I didn’t even know the place existed so I was happy to accept the invite. I ordered a cappuccino and the producer bought me a piece of their famous chocolate, carmel pecan pie. That pie was soooo damn GOOD!  If he had asked while I was eating it, I probably would have agreed to do the project and be paid in pie. It was a lot of caffeine and sugar, and I may have talked too much during our meeting. However, I got the job so I think I was ok.

It was damn good pie! I kept saying to myself that  I would save half and take it home, but that didn’t happen. It was so tasty! I felt so guilty towards the end, that I didn’t eat the crust and end of the pie. It made me feel like I was saving myself some calories. It also felt like a crime not to eat every last bite of such a delicious piece of pie and lick the plate (which is what I wanted to do).  But I was trying to be professional and ladylike so I refrained. I probably won’t  go to sleep until 2am, when I come down from my sugar and caffeine high. I can’t talk about the new project, except to say that the producer was gracious and kind. Plus, anyone who suggest a place like The Republic of Pie, is definitely worth working with.

They also make a damn good cappuccino!

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. I would love to hear from you!

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All images from The Republic of Pie Facebook page. I would have taken pictures of my own pie but I was too busy eating it.

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