Greg Nicotero talks blood gags

Greg Nicotero talks about blood gags on Chiller TV

For the movie I was recently on, I researched blood gags. We didn’t end up needing a blood gag, but it was still fun to research. During the process, I ran across this short video of the incomparable Greg Nicotero talking about blood gags.

Mr. Nicotero, of KNB EFX Group, has too many credits to count, including some of my favs: Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2, Predators, Mist,The Chronicles of Narnia and Sin City.

Nicotero doesn’t show the process, but he does talk about getting the right blood consistency and the unpredictability of blood spray. He also talks about, how sometimes people on set expect things, like blood gags, to work on the first take (no pressure!). Because every other department gets this right on the first take, why shouldn’t makeup?

In a perfect world of film making we would all be one-take-wonders. For now, at least, I can hope to be as good as Greg Nicotero… maybe one day.

Click here to watch the video: Chiller Video – Shows – Greg Nicotero TALKS Blood Gags.

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