Not feeling well today

No needles please!
I had a difficult day today.  While I am ok with fake blood, I am one of those people who freaks out when I have to get my blood taken.  Mostly, I am afraid of needles. On top of that, my veins are hard to find and often times nurses have to try  2 to 5 times before they get any blood.  I have learned to ask for a butterfly needle.

There will be blood… just not mine… not today
For insurance  purposes, I needed to have blood drawn. The nurse who came to my house was pleasant and knowledgable, but that didn’t stop me from hyperventilating. Nor did it help my extreme anxiety and tears. The nurse did help me get my breathing under control. She found a vein and sterilized the area. I turned my head away from where she was working, and my sister sang silly nursery rhymes to me, over the phone, as a distraction. In the end, I got poked but no blood came out. She didn’t have a butterfly needle.

Stress eating & fasting
Plus, I am on my 7th day of a 7 day juicing fast. I only drink juice from fruits and veggies that I juice at home (with an occasional Odwalla drink, when I am on the road). No solid food for 7 days.  I am surprised at how much veggie juice filled me up. However, I am a stress eater. Even when I am not hungry,  when I fell stressed, like today, the desire to snack  is overwhelming.  It’s like I need food to comfort me.

Anyway, I resisted the urge and instead made myself a special juice of watermelon, pineapple and ginger. It was like sunshine in a glass! The special drink helped, but the anxiety leading up to the blood appointment, the stress of getting poked with a needle, and that fact that I will have to do it again, was very emotionally draining.

There is no joy in Mudville
I know some people will laugh and think it’s silly to be scared of needles, but it’s just how I am. I was over-confident thinking I would be ok with just phone support.  Next time I get my blood drawn I will make sure the nurse has a butterfly needle and I will have a friend with me, to hold my hand. Then we will go out for comfort food, solid comfort food.

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. I would love to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “Not feeling well today

  1. I am scared of needles on the back of my elbow where they usually draw blood. Just that area! Oh, and inserting needles on the back of my hands… I just can’t, those are my biggest fears. I think I was traumatized from my mom being in the hospital, and seeing a needle in her veins when I was 10. My family thinks I am silly for being scared of needles, and my dad chases me around the house to give me a vitamin B shot. However, I always manage to escape!

    • It’s nice to know I am not the only one. It’s awful seeing a parent in the hospital. I have never had a needle to the back of my elbow. That sounds horrible! Getting a needle in the hand is the worst. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • Oh not the back, but where the arm bends, the same place you got your blood drawn out. I just don’t like seeing my blood pumping into a tube. However, I was lucky that I had an experienced nurse. My sisters get mad at me because I used to give injections to lab mice, and insulin shots to my mom ^^;;

  2. You have a lot of company! I will flat out faint if I see a needle going into my arm, and of course, I have to have super tiny veins so the nurse always has to poke, and poke, and poke. I have had the back of my hand and the back of my wrist done as a last resort. Now when I go in to get blood drawn I always close my eyes as soon as I sit down so that I don’t even see them prepping the needles.

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