Fx makeup blog worth following: Learn Makeup Effects

image of Stuart Bray from http://www.imdb.com

I found Stuart Bray’s blog, www.learnmakeupeffects.com/blog, after he commented on one of my post, to ask if I was going to IMATS London this year. While I am jealous that he is going to IMATS London and I am not,  I am glad he took the time to comment.

Stuart describes his site as “Makeup FX blog with tutorials, videos and regular musings on all things makeup effects related” 

 The Learn Makeup Effects website offers special fx workshops for a nominal fee. While I don’t have any experience with his workshops (he is in the UK, I am not), the blog that Stuart does is quite interesting. I read a few post and this guy really knows his shi…stuff. And while he is selling some courses, he is also very open with information in general, which is why I added his blog to my blog roll.  His site even offers a free 7 part mini ecourse to anyone with an email address. A fair trade.
What an intriguing person, this Stuart guy. I wanted to know more about Stuart, so I looked him up on Twitter, which I have listed below. I couldn’t find him on Facebook.  I did find him on IMDB and man, he has quite a few films under his belt, including a fav of mine Shaun of the Dead! How cool is that!?! Plus, we are the same age, although he has done a lot more than I have. I am a late bloomer, I guess.
Anyway, Stuart will be at IMATS London tomorrow, if you happen to be in the area, stop by and tell him I said “Hello!”

Learn more about Stuart Fray & Learn Makeup Effects on….

Twitter: @sili_faces
Website: Learn Makeup Effects
IMDB.com: Stuart Bray


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