Cara Liedlich’s all-purpose makeup brush cleaning recipe

The talented and beautiful makeup artist & hair stylist, Cara Liedlich

In December of 2011 I got the chance to work for makeup artist and hair stylist, Cara Liedlich, on a short film.  We got along great, except we kept mispronouncing each others name. Which made us both laugh.  She was a great boss and I learned so much working for her.

As Cara’s assistant one of my duties was cleaning the makeup brushes.  I was about to use an alcohol based cleaner when she stopped me and had me use a jojoba oil mix. Creme makeup can be difficult to remove from makeup brushes, but with the jojoba oil mix, brush clean up was a easy.  It worked like a dream!  Cara was kind enough to let me share her brush cleaning recipe with all of you.

Cara Liedlich’s brush cleaning recipe:

  1. Use a few drops of jojoba oil or (AVEDA beautifying composition) to remove creme make-up and powder make-up residue from make-up brushes.
  2. Next, condition with luke warm water.
  3. Finally, rinse and spray with alcohol.

Per Cara, this technique works great for synthetic or real hair brushes. The AVEDA Beautifying composition has a jojoba oil base with an aromatic citrus aroma. Really great for getting unsightly pigment stains out of brushes!

Cara Liedlich on cleaning brushes on movie Havens Point (2012) :
“Haven’s Point was a film directed by Anna Elizabeth James. It took place on Halloween night. It followed the story of a new girl in town who discovers the truth behind a 100 year old ghost story. I was the department head for hair and make-up. Regarding the looks we had a fusion of everyday fashion make-up for the teens mixed with high fashion, stylized halloween looks. There was a lot of creme and powder textures used throughout the process as a result. The all-purpose brush cleaning technique worked great for all the brush types and textures and didn’t require any extra time using separate cleaning techniques. Additionally, our brushes were much softer from all the conditioning!” 

Here are a few photos showing the variety of looks from the movie, Havens Point, where this brush cleaning technique came in handy.

A big THANK YOU to Cara for sharing with us!!

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Work by Cara Liedlich on Heaven's Point

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