4 reasons I am feeling good today!

I have a few great reasons to feel good today…

1.) Todd Masters (of MastersFX) “Liked” my Facebook fan page (YEAH!). I feel so special!

2.) Theater and film makeup artist, Cara Liedlich, sent me her brush cleaning recipe (double YEAH, YEAH!), which I will be sharing with you shortly. I worked as her assistant on a short film last month. Cara is a knowledgeable and talented artist.

3.)I got a response back from one of Julie Hewett‘s people, Ms. Bayer. She was very polite and said she would forward my questions about doing makeup for black and white movies on to Hewett! Then Hewett emailed me and said she would be forwarding her notes from the film!!! (triple YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!)

4.) Last but not least, I found a store near by that sells Snapea Crips (OH YEAH!). Grant it, this isn’t as big as the other three, but those Snapeas are an addictive snack! They are much healthier than eating chips, or candy AND a lot better tasting than rice cakes. It’s part of my “Being beautiful from the inside out” personal campaign this year.

Once I am done doing the cabbage patch dance with my dog, Honey,  I will get started on my next blog. Oh yeah, uh huh, break it down now, Honey!


Ok, I asked Honey to dance with me, but she just laid there & stuck out her tongue at me. She is not a big fan of Snapeas

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you are thinking. I would love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “4 reasons I am feeling good today!

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