Reasons to use a personalized face chart

This face chart is from, but there are lots of other place to find face charts online, or just make your own.

Face charts are a great way to demo colors and various looks before having the talent sit for you. It can save you time, money and  a lot of frustration. Face charts are quick and easy to do and I always find working on a face chart a fun activity.

You can download generic face charts online. The most popular of the them is the MAC face chart. As generic face charts go, I prefer a face chart with one eye closed so I can see the detail on the eyelid.

For continuity on set, face charts are a must. However, sometimes you need a personalized face chart. For me, the personalized face charts come in handy the most when I do character makeups, or more avant grade looks (I just love to say avant grade!). I have even done a face chart for myself personally when I was trying to decide what look I wanted to wear to a fancy event.

Why use a personalized face chart?

  • Because everyone’s face is different. Most standard face charts are specifically for beauty and assume the talent is female, and already looks like a super model, with high cheek bones and a perfect lip line.
  • Great way to test possible looks without needing the actor to sit for you.
  • To establish a specific look for the actor. One which you and the director have agreed on. That way on the day of shooting it removes the guess work and surprises.
  • Personalized face charts work great for both beauty and special makeup effects makeups. You can test out different looks to decide which concept you like best.
  • Help with continuity on a film set (of course)
  • Great way to impress the director!

Tomorrow I will talk about how to make a personalized face chart.

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!

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