Tips to make your temporary tattoo last longer

Sailor Jerry knock off I did using KD 151 Tribal Ink pen. The KD 151 felt tip would be better suited for painting thicker lines, but it got the job done.

As promised on Saturday, I have a list of things to help your temporary tattoo last longer.

The alcohol based paints, like Skin Illustrator & KD 151, are water-proof so the temporary (temp) tattoo should last 3 to 7 days, depending on how it is cared for and where it is located. A temp tattoo on your hand will come off a lot faster than one on your shoulder, because you wash your hands several times a day.

If properly cared for, your temp tattoo should only need the smallest of touch-ups, to be camera ready each day on set. Here are a few tips to help it last as long as possible.

DON’T wash the area with the temp tattoo on it. Shower water running over the temp tattoo won’t affect it, but a soapy wash cloth will remove it.
DON’T apply lotion or oils to the area with the temp tattoo on it.
DO gently pat the tattoo area dry if needed (never rub). Otherwise, let it air dry after a shower.
DO spray with the sealer of your choice. I have used Blue Aqua sealer by Reel Creations and I believe it helped.
DO powder the  “tattoo” because the alcohol based paints (especially the KD 151 tattoo ink pens) look a little shiny and fake at first. Powdering the skin gives a more realistic look, like the ink is embedded in the skin. The temp tattoo can powdered again, if it starts to look shiny while on set.

Graphite transfer of a Sailor Jerry tattoo I found online, before I colored it in.

Hopefully these tips help. I you have done temporary tattoos, leave a comment and let me know

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2 thoughts on “Tips to make your temporary tattoo last longer

  1. Hi i have been using the KD151 tattoo pen & finding that it is bleeding so lines are not straight how can i overcome this? Thanks

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for the comment. Sorry for the late reply. I have been out of commission for a while but I am back with more frequency now.

      I find that going over the area with alcohol helps because you remove oils that could cause color bleeding. Of course you need to let the alcohol evaporate before you continue.

      I have used the KD151 pens before and found that you need a very light touch to compensate for the bleed factor. Almost feather-like dashing it on.

      I feel that KD151 pens are not good for detailed work (at least not for me). I find that using PPI’s Skin Illustrator Tattoo Classics ( see website: ) and a fine point brush work better, last longer and look more realistic.

      Good luck with the temp tattoos. I would love to see some of your work. Please send me a pic of your work or a link to it. I would be happy to share it on my blog and Facebook page.
      Best of luck!

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