Nude lips have never been so easy!

I was just out shopping for a set bag the other day, when I almost bought the new MAC  Naturally lipstick, in the shade Pillow Talk, which is a nude lip color. While I have a wide range of lip colors in my professional makeup kit, most of the lipsticks I personally wear are plum shades, so I wanted to try something different. Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees, and it’s been a slow month so far,  so I figured it was best to wait and think about it.

Royal & Langnickel Nude Lip Painting Method with Kevin Bennett
Today I was perusing the Royal & Langnickel (R&L) website when I came across this video, where Emmy award-winning makeup artist, Kevin Bennett, is demonstrating how to get the nude lipstick look, sans the lipstick. Mr. Bennett’s method used the R&L BC210 Concealer brush, regular foundation and shiny clear lip gloss. So simple, so easy, so naturally beautiful and so saving me money!

Learn how to get the nude look on the cheap in the Royal & Langnickel video below.
You can see more how-to videos on their YouTube channel Royal&LangnickelBeauty

In the end I saved my money and used foundation/gloss look. Well… almost, I ended up buying a plum colored lipstick, Vivid Violet,  from Smashbox (I couldn’t help it, it was my perfect shade!).

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