Zuca Artist Backpack makes traveling with makeup easier


Checking out the Zuca for myself

Gotta love the Zuca Artist Backpack, with all it’s nifty storage space, two removable plastic utility bags, several internal compartment,  and a compartment for safely storing hot curling irons.

As a makeup artist I often feel like a pack mule when hauling all my supplies around. I am a small woman with very little upperbody strength and while I have been working on weight lifting, in the mean time, I need something easier to carry.

The Zuca Backpack certainly beats lugging a hefty square case that is constantly knocking against my shins as I travel back and forth from my car to the set.

I can toss this baby on my back, grab my set bag and I am ready to go!

Of course there is a price for convenience and it’s about  $120 to $150, maybe less if you can get a professional discount.

Everyone I know who owns this backpack, say it’s worth the money. What do you think?

This backpack packs a punch! Image from http://www.zuca.com

Find out more at:

Website: www.zuca.com

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.

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