SavingFace Continuity Software for Makeup And Hair

I just came across this makeup continuity software made called,  SavingFace Continuity Software for Makeup And Hair, released in June of 2008 and created by

Maureen and Doug McGavin.

No more handwritten paper charts and polaroid pictures to keep track of each actors look for a specific scene. Continuity can be a dificult and daunting task, especially if there are various looks for the actor and the project is being shot out of sequence (which happens 99% of the time). This software has been used for movies like Rum Diaries and  TV shows like Ugly Betty and many more.

Technology has it’s price
I am intrigued by this software but it is not cheap, at $349 for the standard version. If you are part of the Union, or a Student the price is $275.00. The also have an additional Special Makeup Effects Module for $99.00.

So is Saving Face worth it? I could see this being very useful for department heads, especially for special makeup fx where you need to remember placement and size of scares, bruises, blood, etc…

Screenshot of SavingFace application

Description from the SavingFace website: 
“SavingFace was developed as an alternative to the old school “makeup charts” and “continuity books” compiled in the makeup and hair department. All your continuity photos and data are saved digitally on your computer, eliminating the need to copy details long hand, print photos and save pages in plastic sleeves in heavy, cumbersome binders.”

The software is availalbe for MAC and PC, and you don’t have to have internet connection to use it. There is a demo version of the software you can download for free.  There is even how-to videos on the site.

I don’t know about you, but  I am going to download the free version and see what it’s all about.

Learn more about SavingFace:
Facebook: Saving Face Continuity Software

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Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you or a friend has tried SavingFace, leave me a comment. I would love to hear about it.

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