Testing out the replacement Aqua-Flo waterbrushes

Update: Just got the package of Aqua-Flo waterbrushes from Royal & Langnickel today! I was working all day today, so I am starting to test them out late tonight.

First test…
First thing I noticed is that the bristle stayed in place (a good sign). I only added a small amount of liquid in the handle since I was a little gun-shy. I didn’t need to squeeze the brush at all to release the water. It was nice to see that the water flowed much slower into the bristles with this new set. The brush distributed the color evenly.  The Aqua-Flo brushes work better if you keep the handle down and brush tip up. I found that you get less liquid flow.

Waterbrushes & Illustrator
Next I tried them with alcohol activated paints, like Illustrator. I think these brushes would be useful when creating washes for bruising, old age makeup, coloring large areas of temporary tattoos, or anything that doesn’t require fine lines.  I felt like I used less alcohol than I would with a standard brush.  I will continue testing them and possible add them to kit for special effects if things work out.

I have yet to try out some of the other brands of waterbrushes, but I am liking the Aqua-Flo.  I will let you know how they compare to the other brands.

Just playing around with the Aqua-Flow waterbrush. I used Alcohol and Illustrator tattoo paints

Just playing around with the Aqua-Flow waterbrush. I used Alcohol and Illustrator tattoo paints

A tid bit about waterbrushes
Waterbrushes were created in Japan. The idea is that you can put water in the handle, thus eliminating the need for a jar of water. Great for when you travel. There are several types and styles of waterburshes with various was of regulating the water flow.  Aqua-Flo waterbrushes are some of the least expensive the brands.

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

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One last thing… HAPPY BIRTHDAY XAVIER!!!!

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