Losing your cool on set could cost you future jobs

Bad Set Etiquette
A while back, when I was working on set, doing the makeup for a short film. I witnessed one member of the film crew go off on another. He literally cursed the other guy out in between shooting a segment of the movie.  The territorial spat was about on person handling something that didn’t belong to them on set. Everyone within ear shot, including the director, stood there in awe while listening to the rant (not the good kind of awe either).

Finally, the director spoke up and said this was not the conversation to have at the moment. After which the irate guy stormed off the set in a huff. Everyone went back to shooting the scene and finishing up the days work.

Good word of mouth is everything
Even though people went on about their day as if nothing happened, I doubt the person that lost his temper will ever be hired by that director again. Working on a film crew – where 90% of the jobs you get hired for, come from referrals – no one wants to recommend someone who has a short temper and doesn’t play well with others.

Good word of mouth is everything. So remember, keep your cool and handle yourself professionally. You may feel justified giving the wrong-doer a piece of your mind, but you will most likely be disqualifying yourself for future jobs.

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