How often do you clean your brushes?

I love the smell of clean brushes in the morning!

I don’t have any updates or interesting things to report today. So I thought I would talk about a question I get asked quite often: “How often do you clean your brushes?”  Oddly enough they are not asking about the makeup brushes in my kit (which I clean thoroughly after every use), they want to know what I do with my personal brushes.

Clean your brushes once a week
So, I tell them “I clean my personal brushes with brush cleaner, or alcohol once a week, and shampoo them in once a month.”  This usually elicits a reaction of shock. The person will often tell me how they have NEVER cleaned their makeup brushes and their skin is fine. Some go on and on about how it’s too much trouble, and they don’t have time to wash their brushes that often. To which I just shrug my shoulders and say “Ok.”

It makes me wonder why they asked me in the first place? I never bother to go into details about the accumulation of bacteria and dead skin cells, or the things that feed off of them. It’s not my business. It’s their brushes and their skin. Plus, when they ask, I am usually at a party where I am trying to take advantage of the last of the pigs-in-a-blanket & free wine, before they so rudely got in my way.

Don’t borrow other people’s brushes
Honestly, it doesn’t take that long. I am using a cream eyeliner now and I clean my eye liner brush in between uses. Of course no one wants to hear it. I told one lady that the longest I had gone without cleaning my own personal stash-o-brushes is one month…. by which time I was disgusted with myself.  I think it made her feel a little better about her own brushes, but not much.  She still thought I was ridiculous for cleaning them so often. People like that are the reason why I don’t borrow makeup brushes…or hair burshes…or tooth brushes. Come to think of it, the only brush I would borrow is an lint brush… maybe.

Anyway,  now I am telling everyone on my blog, so when someone ask me again, I can say, “If you want to know, check out my blog.”  Maybe I will get a few extra hits?

How often do you clean your personal makeup brushes, weekly, monthly, yearly…never? Don’t be shamed, speak up!

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

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