Todd Masters, Visual Effects Society and a trip to the moon

Yesterday I talked about going to prosthetic shops to inquire about  their recent projects. When I was at the Aliens to Zombies Con I met Todd Masters and found out that MastersFX did the Lycan (werewolf) suits for the new Underworld: Awakening movie. Mr. Masters was quite friendly, so I am sure if he is not too busy, I should be able to get a few minutes of his time.

Masters research
Before going to interview Mr. Masters, I had to to some research (like any good blogger). While Googling him last night, I discovered that he is one of the founding members of the Visual Effects Society (VES). This made me very curious, so I searched for the VES website.

What is VES and can I join?
It looks like it is mostly  for, well… visual effects (like animation and CGI) professionals.  Their site does say it includes “…artist and model makers…”  And while Mr. Masters is a current member, I am not sure VES encourages special fx makeup artist membership. To find out, I emailed VES last night and I tweeted them the question today.

A Trip to the Moon (1902), by Georges Melies, was the first sci-fi film ever made. The silent film's plot, a light-hearted satire criticizing the conservative scientific community of its time, was inspired by Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon (1865) and H. G. Wells' First Men in the Moon (1901). Info and image from

Distracted by shiny objects
Again, I am getting distracted from my main task, by going down yet another internet rabbit hole. Last night I was most distracted by the VES  logo, which is a moon, with a face and a large, tubular object protruding from one eye. This morning I was watching CBS Sunday Morning and saw a flash of the same image from a silent film, during a review of the new movie “Hugo”.  I Googled “silent movie moon” and found the image immediately.

First sci-fi movie ever made
The image of the lunar capsule landing in the eye of the moon is from the french film, “Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip to the Moon) “, by French director and master magician Georges Melies. The 1902 film is the first sci-fi movie ever made AND it employed visual and makeup effects. How cool is that! It makes sense that VES would use a variation of this image for their logo.

Alas, I have spent too much time on the moon and in virtual rabbit holes. So much for being concise (sigh). At least I learned something today. A little piece of history that every special effects artist (visual or makeup) should know.

Find out more info on A Trip to the Moon on

Find out more about Visual Effects Society:

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Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. Are you familiar with VES? Have you seen A Trip to the Moon?  I would love to hear from you.

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