Where my blog is going… Next stop, Underworld: Awakening

I have been blogging daily for about three months now. Writing about a variety of different things, to try and find my niche, a specific direction for the blog. Blogging everyday, at 400 words a pop, can be a mentally strenuous task. In an effort to keep going, I may make my blogs shorter, more concise (like 200 words or less). Also, my blog seems to be taking a turn toward being about my life as a marginally employed, freelance makeup artist (they say to write about what you know, right?).

Getting my confidence up!
However,  I want to throw a few other things in the mix. Having gotten a response from Christien Tinsley about the Tinsley Transfers has given me confidence. I will contact some of the local prosthetics shops and/or makeup artist, to interview them about their work in recent movies/TV shows. Then blog about my  attempts to contact them, and post the interview when it finally happens. Since a friend once told me, ” The answer to any unasked question is always ‘NO.'”  I figure there is no harm in asking.

So, in between my makeup gigs,  I will try to try to get interviews with makeup/special fx artist and shops in Los Angeles, and continue to do small projects on my own. And…. I am considering a 12 Days of Christmas blog, but I haven’t excatly worked that out yet.

What’s next?
There is a new Underworld movie, Underworld: Awakening coming out early next year (listed release date of 1/20/12). I heard the MastersFX did work on the Lycan suits. I will try to get an interview with Todd Masters about the special fx they did.

Underworld: Awakening Trailer
In the mean time, here is a trailer for the upcoming Underworld 4 movie.


Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

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