Pics from the short film premeire

Daniel Beals & Ryan Lacen, of Back To One Films, premiered their short film “Boob Grazing” as well as showing their other crowd favs like, “The Zombie Whisperer” and “Life After Facebook.”

Two Things

1) I said I would show pics from the premiere of the short film, Boob Grazing, I went to the other day. I finally got enough stuff moved off my laptop to make space for new pictures. I barely had 800MB left available! I also backed up my hard drive, while enjoying a Jackie Chan Adventures marathon on Netflix (that was a good cartoon).

2) I got a little surprise at my door the night of the premiere. Someone brought me my very own copy of John Landis, Monsters In The Movies! (insert HAPPY DANCE here!)  I would have had this blog done sooner, but I was preoccupied flipping through my new book.

Now, on to the pics….
The “Boob Grazing” premiere was held at the Vintage Enotica Wine Bar, on Sunset Blvd, in West Hollywood. They projected the film large white wall in the back. There was even a velvety looking curtain that was pulled back to reveal the show. It was quite a classy shin-dig. We got a chance to see “The Zombie Whisperer” and “Life After Facebook” first. All of the short films had the room ROTFL.

I arrived early to get a seat, it was nice and quiet. Here actor Ron Moorhouse (L) and producer Ryan Lacen (R) discuss world peace. I am kidding! I think they were talking about boobs.

Later, so many people came that it was all a blur (just like this pic!), or maybe I just had too much wine? See if you can spot the director, Daniel Beals, sticking his tongue out at me.

A few of the cast members stopped for pics. L to R: Helen Leffner Carvalho, Ron Moorehouse, Josephine Leffner, Aisha, Santino Jimenez (hiding in back) and friend. No one was grazed in this picture.... I think

I got a chance to pose with the producers Ryan Lacen and Daniel Beals (next to me) and the lead grazers themselves Ron Moorehouse (far left) and Santino Jimenez (bottom center).

Walt and I really enjoyed the restaurant, we are planning to return for their infamous cheese plates. That cheese plate was so good, I needed a cigarette afterwards!

We had some wine, hugged, reminisced and watched the films. The producers, Dan and Ryan, were so friendly and they are both very funny guys. A good time was had by all. Except… I was a little disappointed that no one touched my boobs. Not one graze! However, I did get to cop a feel on Santino. Let me tell you something, boob grazing isn’t as much fun if done on a man.

Lastly Mr. Beals emailed everyone the next day to let us know the video was available to view online. I just had to share this tidbit from the email. I hope he doesn’t mind. I certainly could not have said it better myself:
“Click here:, give it a watch and tell your friends, facebook minions and loved ones about it. Especially your grandparents. Grandparents LOVE Boob Grazing. It’s a fact. I read it on wikipedia.”

If you like their work you can follow Back To One Films on:


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