November 20th is official Boob Grazing Day!

Actor, Santino Jimenez, and I on the set of Boob Grazing. Not exactly a graze.

What is boob grazing?
Just so we are clear, defines boob grazing as:
the act of accidentally grazing someone’s boob with your hand/arm.

National Boob Grazing Day:
Tonight I am going to attend the premiere of a short film I worked on called, “Boob Grazing,” by Daniel Beals.  A classy title, I know. It was great fun working with Daniel and his group of talented people.  Everyone on the set worked so well together. There were no egos among the actors. My job was pretty easy. I touched up the ladies makeup and powdered the men, who were sweating up a storm trying to “graze.” Which meant I was on sweat patrol as well (not the most glamorous job, but I don’t mind), running in and out to dab away excess sweat before it got in their eyes. I am excited to see how it turns out.

Graze at your own peril!
I have been a victim of the boob graze many a times. Some grazes were accidental… some were accidently on purporse. Today is the day that Mr. Beals says that, whether you are man or woman, you should accidently on purpose, graze your neighbor. However, he takes no responsibility for the outcome, which could possibly be violent. During National Boob Grazing Day, graze at your own risk!

The Minx aka Jennifer Wenger, me and Daniel Beals

Me on set with the ever sexy, 1st AD, Federico Ferreri.

The film is produced by Back To One Films, the same people who brought us “The Zombie Whisperer

Tumblr: backtoonefilms

YouTube: Back to One Films 

The Ladies of Boob Grazing


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