Making up the devil

Actor extraordinaire, T.J. Mc Niel at the beginning of the process

I posted a pic of latex horns I did yesterday. The horns were for a devil makeup I applied on a music video parody. I made the horns out of latex and tips of his ears out of 3rd Degree silicone. I was a little nervous about how everything would turn out. Especially since this was my first time creating prosthetics from scratch for a shoot and it’s been awhile since I did drag makeup.

The prosthetics:
I made four pair of horns, because as my teacher taught us “One is none.” Just in case something happens to the first pair, I have a few backups.

T.J. is transformed into a beautiful devil ready to sing Christmas carols

The ear tips are a little harder to see in the before picture (because they are clear). I was worried that they would be too small, but it worked out because he had a hood that he had to take on and off and bigger ears would have really gotten in the way. Also, I should have added some red color to the silicone before pouring the ear tips. It would have saved me some time.

Products I used:
I used Kryolan Supra color in red as the base, contoured with brown MAC Espresso eye shadow and used Ubran Decay eye shadow in Scratch and Honey for the highlights. On his eyes, I used the Supra colors in gold and black and the same Urban Decay colors used on the cheek highlights. I hand- laid the soul patch. Since T.J.’s hair wasn’t very long, he pulled it back and I wrapped weft hair (on tracks) around it and concealed it with a little red garland I had lying around the house.

The eye lashes took some getting used to

All in all, I think it turned out well. T.J. was great to work with and never once complained about all the glue and color that had to be applied. When T.J. wasn’t smiling, the makeup made him look like he was going to f**k someone up, which was a little disturbing. Not true of course, he is a happy little devil, always making sure everyone else is doing ok on set. Zach was a fun director to work with as well. I can’t wait to see what th final video looks like.

T.J. and the director, Zach, working on a close up shot

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

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