Christien Tinsley on his signature transfers

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Response from Christien Tinsley on his signature prosthetic transfers
I was so over the moon when I saw an email from Christien Tinsley himself! SCORE!  Mr. Tinsley is the creator of prosthetic transfers and an award-winning makeup artist. When I emailed Tinsley Studios I thought maybe he would have someone from his studio reply to me, but he was nice enough to do it himself. Very classy. Here is his response to my email questions regarding my November 6th blog on cabo-bondo transfers.

Me: I am not really sure what the correct term is for these transfers… cabo bondo transfers, bondo transfers? Especially since I didn’t know if Mr. Tinsley used cab-0-sil in the transfers.

Mr. Tinsley: I would like to start by stating that I prefer to use the term “Prosthetic Transfers” as a generic description. 
Cabo bondo transfers refers to them as only being made with cabosil and pros aide. Also cabo bondo has always been an odd reference for me because bondo is a term used for resin in auto body patching and does not use cabosil. I don’t know why or how these terminologies get started, but they do. 
Funny enough The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science refers to the process as “Tinsley Transfers” so theoretically that is the industry name.”

Me: Does Mr. Tinsley use Cab-O-Sil in his recipe for bondo transfers?

Mr. Tinsley:  “I do not use cabosil although it can work but keeping in mind certain short comings. It can shrink considerably. It also can give white opaque spotting and “deaden” the tackiness.”

Image of Tinsley Transfer from

Me: What one piece of advice would Mr. Tinsley or Tinsley Studios give to those making bondo transfers for the first time?

Mr. Tinsley:  “Advice would be to continue and experiment until you have great success. Far to often I hear about transfers with thick edges that need the use of additional “bondo” to help fill edges or need additional melting. This defeats the entire purpose and goes against the very meaning of the transfer in the first place.

The transfer was first created for a list of issues that needed to be resolved.
A. Speed of application
B. Self blending
C. Waterproof
D. Translucent
E. Flesh like movements. Firmness can be adjusted
If these elements are not being achieved then you must keep trying.


I am very grateful to Mr. Tinsley for taking the time out of his busy day to answer questions. I don’t want the blog to be too long, so I will post the rest of his response tomorrow. 

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Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

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