Don’t pass out around my dog

I missed Saturday’s blog, I know. Bad Shari! Baaad Shari!!! Then I asked my sister to repost an old blog for Sunday, so as not to miss another day. I had such a beautiful streak going, blogging every day without fail since August of this year. I hang my head in shame. I have no excuse.

Well…I kinda do have an excuse, I haven’t been feeling well. My medical issues have thrown me off my game.

Honey in her new Transformers t-shirt. Not as innocent as she looks.

Plus, I may have been molested by my dog……
I woke up out of a medicated stupor at 12:30 am on Sunday. Startled awake by the realization that I hadn’t blogged the day before. I wanted to scream “Khaaaaaannnnn!!!!” but my neighbors have a toddler and the walls are pretty thin.   I tried to make my way to the laptop in the other room, but never made it. I woke up hours later on the floor, in the hallway, with my dog, Honey, trying to lick the wax out of my ears. Plus, my lips were wet and my mouth tasted funny. I love Honey, but I don’t trust her when I am unconscious. She may look innocent enough, but don’t let the smooth taste fool ya!  I am pretty sure if my dog had opposable thumbs she would have put my hand in a bowl of warm water, put my underwear in the freezer and drawn a penis on my forehead, while I was passed out in the hallway. Oh, and posted pictures of me like that on Facebook.

I am on the mend now (and have scrubbed my ears and mouth thoroughly!). I am not 100% but I am getting there. Sometimes when I look at Honey now, I swear she was just snickering at me. It must be the meds making me paranoid.

Honey all tucked in for the night. In the other room so I can sleep safely by myself.

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

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