Looking for blogs to fill my blog roll

Yesterday I finished with the cabo-bondo how-to. Today I waned to list other websites where you could find bondo transfer recipies, but my list is at home and I am out of the house all day, so it awill have to wait.  In the mean time I thought it would nice to fill my blog roll (that little widget area on the side of my blog) with links to other makeup & special fx blogs. Right now I don’t think I am even using that widget…. wait, yes I am…. I am using it for links to my social profiles.

I suppose that is a little selfish, so I am going to share the space with others. I already have a few blogs in mind to link to.  If you have an interesting makeup and/or special fx blog, let me know and if I like it, I will add you to my blog roll.  It is VERY prestigious and space is limited. Being family won’t even guarantee you a space (this means YOU mom!).   All joking aside, it is basically a popularity contest.  I should have the new blog roll set up by EOB tomorrow.

Now, I am going to finish my lunch and try to replace the back of my Toshiba tablet. I am changing it from black to ‘Raspberry Fusion’ and so far it is harder than it looks. I have already lost a nail!

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