31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 30: Face Painting For Kids

Day 30: Face Painting For Kids
I haven’t talked about makeup for kids in my blog. Possibly because I don’t have kids, and I am not around them often. My dog is my baby and I don’t put makeup on her (not that I haven’t been tempted).  I didn’t really think about makeup for kids until my sister mentioned getting a costume for my 1yr old nephew. He is a little young for face painting, but it got me thinking. I believe there is something magical and fun about decorative face painting. Even adults like to have butterfly wings painted around their eyes. A few strokes of the brush and you can be a cute kitty or Spider Man. So, on the Eve of Halloween, here are some really great YouTube video tutorials on face painting for kids.

Fast Princess Crown Face Painting Tutorial By lisajoyyoung
What little girl (or big girl) wouldn’t want to have a princess crown?  This tutorial is quick and easy. Check out her YouTube channel lisajoyyoung for more fun ideas.

Another quick look inspired by nature. I am partial to ladybugs and the model is just so darn CUTE!  It makes me what to do this makeup on myself for Halloween.

Butterfly Face Painting Design Tutorial by FacePaintingTips
Butterfly eyes are great face paint to add to a fairy or princess costume.  I like how she gives variations on the look and encourages you to try different things. The FacePaintingTips channel on YouTube has a variety of different face painting tutorials for young and old.

Fast Faces – Spider Web Face Painting by Here’s one for the boys (or girls) that is fast. She has various videos for boys and girls, including a Venom mask (black spider-man). She really breaks down each step to help you along the way.

Even thought I don’t have kids, I did enjoy watching these videos (the kids are soooo adorable!) and I can appreciate how much work it is to do face painting on children who are constantly moving.  If these videos have inspired you, please let the creator of the video know, by posting a comment on their YouTube video or subscribing to their channel.


Just a reminder about safety…
You are better off investing in quality water-base face paints, rather than using the cheap colors you find at most Halloween stores. There have been recent studies that show these paint can cause serious health issues.

Other brands of face/body paint
One YouTuber said they are using Diamond FX brand face paint. Since I am not familiar with that brand I google it and found the Materials Safety Data Sheet on Diamond FX. It states their “…products are just as safe to use on the face and body as any good cosmetic. So if you are not sure what you are using is safe, get online and do a little research. You will be glad you did.

Try theatrical brand products like Ben Nye, Kryolan or Mehron ….
I really like all three of these brands. They area a little more expensive, but the colors will last a long time and  your and your children’s health is worth it.

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

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