31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 29: 5 Tips For Crazy, Sexy, Cool Hallween Makeup

Try colors you wouldn't normally wear like this image from my portfolio on http://www.makeupdrshari.com

Today, I bough a semi-professional lighting set up (with the umbrella’s and everything!) and did a few videos on zombie makeup.  It was my first video shoot where I am doing someone else’s makeup in front of the camera. Hopefully I can get these videos edited and up a.s.a.p. Even though I am extremely tired. But regardless of whether or not I get the videos up, I have to blog… every day…. rain or shine….come hell or high water… I blog.  I am not sure if I will get the videso posted for  Halloween this year.  Keep your fingers crossed. So in the interest of time, here is a quick blog on 5 tips for crazy, sexy, cool Hallween makeup:
No matter which costume you choose, if you are going for a sexy look, these tips can help spice up your makeup look.

5 tips for sexy Halloween makeup, to go with your sexy costume

  1. Bat those Lashes Baby!
    Find a funky set of lashes (think feathers, glitter, etc…) and style the makeup around it. Even if you do a normal smokey eye, a fun set of lashes will make your look pop.
  2. Layer your sexy lashes
    Try layering different styles of lashes. You can take 2 to 4 plain lashes and layer them for a really sultry doe-eyed look.  Then just wink, and wait for the free drinks.
  3. Luminize your world
    Add a little extra pearlizers or luminizers to your look. Not  just on your face (like, cheekbones and brow bone), but your cleavage, arms, hands and legs. It will definitely get you noticed.
  4. Rhinestone Sexy
    Everyone loves a little bling! Adding a rhinestone to the cheeks or as an accent to the eyes will help you sparkle like the star that you are. You can find plastic, or glass rhinestones with adhesive backing, or use eyelash glue to make the look stick.
  5. Glitter Pout
    This season is all about glitter.  Add a little shimmer to your pout by dabbing a bit of glitter eyes shadow to your lips after applying your lipstick and/or gloss.  And for the extra stylish vampire, try some glitter mouth blood.

Whatever look you decide on, a friendly smile and a confident walk are great addition to any sexy look. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Image from my portfolio on http://www.makeupdrshari.com

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

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Portfolio: www.makeupdrshari.com 

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