31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 24: New 3rd Degree Pourable is great for realistic wounds & more

NEW: 3rd Degree Pourable!

Day 24: New 3rd Degree Pourable is great for realistic wounds & more
During the Aliens To Zombies Convention last weekend, one of the vendors was Alcone, a company that supplies makeup and special fx products to individuals and professionals makeup artist around the world.  I stopped at their table and was delighted to find that their 3rd Degree product is now available in a pourable liquid formula. That’s right kids, the 3rd Degree that you know and love now comes in a liquid!  It’s so new, that I didn’t even see it on their website.

3rd Degree cut before painting. I got distracted by my dog and it cured on me before I could finish the edges

What is 3rd Degree?
Alcone describes 3rd Degree as “.… a truly unique two-part silicone modeling and casting compound. It sets in 5 minutes, is intrinsically colored in flesh tones, and can be glued to the skin using itself as the adhesive, or a silicone medical adhesive.”

The original 3rd Degree product is a thick, two-part (part A & part B), medical grade, silicone gel.  When you mix equal parts of A & B together you can sculpt it into any shape. I talked about the gel based 3rd Degree on Day 15 of the 31 Days of Halloween Makeup series.

Tips for 3rd Degree Pourable

  • Both the gel and liquid 3rd Degree have the same properties except for the consistency. The pourable version is the consistency of honey.
  • As with other 3rd Degree products, you can make the edges of your piece virtually undetectable…. unless you get distracted by your dog. Actually, I could have added more product to fix the edges.
  • Great for creating super thin, small prosthetics.
  • Use 3rd Degree for build ups by incorporating different materials like embedding tissue or gauze.  Even googly eyes, or pieces of grapes can help create blisters and boils.

I painted the cut with Skin Illustrator and added trauma to the area around the wound.

  • You must work fast, product cures in about 5 mins
  • If coloring with alcohol based paint, don’t use too much alcohol as it may lift the piece
  • Don’t cross contaminate! When part A and part B touch in any way, they start to cure
  • Don’t use latex gloves, latex sponges, or sulfur clay as they will interfere with the curing process
  • You can intrinsically color 3rd Degree with just about anything. Add coloring to part B and then mix part A & part B together.
  • A little color goes a long way, don’t over do it on the color, you want to keep that translucent “skin” look.

My opinion so far:
So far I am really loving the 3rd Degree Pourable version. I will continue testing the product and may even do a video or two. I believe this will make a nice addition to my on-set kit for doing quick effects.  In the mean time, I am going to use it to create some wounds for a gruesome Halloween look.

Customers checking out the new 3rd Degree product at Aliens to Zombies Con

Learn more about Alcone Company:
Website: www.alconeco.com
Facebook: Alcone Company Professional MakeUp Supplies
Twitter: @AlconeCompany

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

Twitter: @MakeupDrShari
Facebook: MakeupDrShari
Website: www.makeupdrshari.com 

One thought on “31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 24: New 3rd Degree Pourable is great for realistic wounds & more

  1. Hi,
    I purchased my first 3rd Degree product from Alcone (Vincent) at The Makeup Show Chicago in June. What video do you suggest I watch to learn how to create some Zombie looks with this product. I have yet to see it demonstrated. I just found your blog and look forward to reading more:-)

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