31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 23: Aliens & Zombies & Werewolves, Oh My!

Day 23: Aliens & Zombies & Werewolves, Oh My!
The first Aliens To Zombies Convention was held October 21 & 22 at the famed Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  There is so much to tell that I will probably be referring to the AtoZ Con periodically for a quite a while. Here is a general recap.

Three award-winning authors: Melissa Kline, Mike Howlett and Martin Olson

Friday Evening:
I attended the kick off party which was an intimate affair that included the Halloween Book Festival Awards.  Melissa Kline, winner of the Young Adult category, gave me an autographed copy of her award-winning book, “My Beginnings.” I was thrilled and look forward to reading it soon. 

I got there early and checked in at the press table. Like most conventions in their first year, this one was  small with a few vendors offering products, books, cemetery theatrical shows, movies, and web series with and horror/sci-fi edge. I visited the Makeup Museum before heading over for the first panel discussion. I attended 4 panel discussions in all. In one of the sessions, I got some insider info on the upcoming Underworld 4 movie, which I can not divulge here. And posed for a questionable pic with Michael Rooker, from The Walking Dead tv show. It was a great time!

Cheap & easy zombie in 30 mins or less!

Pro Monster Maker $22 Halloween Challenge:
My favorite session was the  Pro Monster Maker $22 Halloween Challenge. Where three renowned makeup artist: Todd Masters, Dan Rebert and Steve Johnson  demonstrated how to create looks for Halloween with just household items, for $22 or less. AND within 30 minutes. It was hosted by the Twisted Sisters, Jennifer & Sylvia Soska (who co-wrote & directed the movie, Dead Hooker In The Trunk). As the makeup artist raced around trying to beat the clock, they gave the audience valuable tips and tricks.

The zombie pictured here, was created using karo syrup, tissue, food coloring, rice krispies and cheap plastic teeth. I recorded the session, which I will post later (having some technical difficulties).  I call it my “Cloverfield” recording because it may give you vertigo when watching it.

Monster-Makers Bash 2011

Monster-Makers Bash:
The event ended with the Monster-Makers Bash at the Velvet Margarita, just down the way from the Roosevelt Hotel.  I didn’t get a chance to do the elaborate makeup I wanted because I was a little rushed, but I had a good time at the party, even in spite of my wardrobe malfunction (there may be some incriminating pics out there).

Also, I picked up some books, a new special fx product and met more interesting people, which I will be writing about later. I am very EXCITED!  Stay tuned!

Please note:
I would have posted this sooner, but I was sore from helping someone move a few things. Indeed, I am no spring chicken. They told me not to over do it, but I did I listen? However,  I am powering through the pain
That’s all for now. I will be posting more pics soon on my Facebook page: MakeupDrShari

Find out more about Aliens to Zombies convention
Twitter: @AlienstoZombies
Facebook: Aliens to Zombies Convention
Website: alienstozombies.com

Convention supporters include the Zombie Research SocietyBurman IndustriesNaimies and the recently released zombie movie The Dead.
Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

Twitter: @MakeupDrShari
Facebook: MakeupDrShari
Examiner.com Articles: LA Makeup Examiner

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