31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 20: Using modeling wax/nose putty for Halloween

Look I created with wax: cut and bullet hole on forehead

Day 20: Using modeling wax/nose putty for Halloween
Modeling wax, or nose putty has been used to create special fx for years. Besides being used to cover the eyebrows, you can use it to build up areas like the brow or nose. Or create small scars, cuts, bullet holes and other wounds. You can even create pieces for the ears, if you are feeling adventurous.  Wax is great because you can mold the piece directly on the skin. Or wax pieces can be made in advance to save time during application.

Brands of wax

There are a lot of brands that make wax, like Kryolan’s Cine-Wax and Nose Putty, or  Mehron’s Modeling Wax.  Ben Nye’s Nose & Scar Wax comes in Fair, Light-Brown, Brown and Bone Simulation (white). The brown color is nice for darker skin folks like myself, because it is easier to cover it when matching my skin.  The white Bone Simulation wax is great when you want to create a piece of bone coming through the skin.

Tips for using wax

  • Wax is best if used on areas that don’t move much, like the nose, chin, temples or forehead
  • Wax doesn’t hold up well under extreme heat
  • Make wax pieces as thin as you can, the less wax you use, the better. Heavier pieces are more likely to fall off or move


  • Place a layer of spirit gum in the area wax will be applied to, tap to make it tacky
  • Add a very small amount of cotton to the spirit gum. This will help anchor the wax
  • Apply wax and mold as usual
  • Add texture to wax piece and blend edges in with skin
  • Go over edges with Pros-aide with a texture sponge
  • Apply sealer like Green Marble SeLr to help prosthetic stay. Let dry
  • Powder lightly with colorless powder
  • Color piece to match skin

Wax scar and cut. Scar on cheek is harder to blend edges because cheek area is soft

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you have a makeup or special fx website, I would love to hear about it.

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 20: Using modeling wax/nose putty for Halloween

  1. how can I make the brown color lighter can I add a little bit of white make up paint / its prob a stupid ? to ask seeing that the place I bought it from sent me the wrong color I just don’t wanna waite any longer….

    • I feel really crapy responding so late. I so rarely get questions that I didn’t realize I had some waiting. No excuse. My sincere apologies.

      If you have the brown nose putty and you are not that dark, then your best bet would be to cover it with PAX paint (a mix of acrylic paint and pros aide) in a color closer to your flesh tone and powder it well. Then make it more natural looking by add texture (to break up the opaqueness of the PAX color) like mottling or pointillism. Use the colors you see in your natural skin as reference. Everyone, no matter what color they are have small dots, splotches and veins visible through the skin. These are usually red, blue, maybe a little yellow and green. When you add the additional texture colors you should do it in light washes of color that are almost transparent. It will look more life-like.

      Again, sorry I didn’t respond sooner. It’s way past Halloween but maybe this can help you in the future if you run up agains the problem again.
      Take care,

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