31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 19: Aliens to Zombies Convention in Los Angeles

Day 19: Aliens to Zombies convention in LA
I was flipping through the channels this morning and happened upon Good Day LA, a cheesy, but entertaining morning talk show. They were doing a segment where Emmy Award-winning special fx artist, Todd Masters, turned one of the Good Day LA host, Lauren Sanchez, into a very gruesome looking zombie.  Uber coolness!  When I heard Masters was co-presenting the first Aliens To Zombies convention, and saw the convention program listing who would be there, well… it was enough to make me skeet, skeet, skeet in my pants!

WhatAliens To Zombies Convention
When: Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22
Where: The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA

A to Z special fx fun!
The Aliens To Zombies convention is presented by MastersFX and JM Northern Media LLC. Check out the website http://www.alienstozombies.com/   to get tickets and see the program schedule. It’s the schedule that got my heart racing! It includes a Halloween Book Festival Awards, cool and interesting panel discussions with leading authors & special fx artist, and ends with a bash…. a Monster-Makers Bash!

Convention supporters include the Zombie Research Society, Burman Industries, Naimies and the recently released zombie movie The Dead.

I am a little stressed now, because I will need a costume a week earlier than I thought I would.  That is…if I can get into the Monster-Makers Bash. I am not sure if they let newbies into the bash (keep your fingers crossed for me).

Find out more about Aliens to Zombies convention
Twitter: @AlienstoZombies
Facebook: Aliens to Zombies Convention
Website: alienstozombies.com

All images from www.alienstozombies.com
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