31 Days of Halloween Makeup – Day 15: 5 Tips to Create Ghastly Wounds With 3rd Degree

Creat his beautiful smile with 3rd Degree

Day 15: 3rd Degree silicone modeling compound is great for wounds and gashes
If you need to create realistic cuts, wounds, burns and gashes and you have a little cash, then give 3rd Degree silicone modeling compound a try. Great for creating the Joker mouth scar from The Dark Knight movie. Or creating bloody, gooey gashes for zombies, along with a myriad of old and fresh wounds.

What is 3rd Degree?
It’s a silicone bases modeling compound that is used to create wounds, burns and various special fx on the skin.  Some celebrities even use it to hide imperfections in their skin. It comes in two jars, jar A and jar B

5 Tips for using 3rd Degree Modeling Compound

1.) Prep the skin
To prepare the area for application, clean with toner (witch hazel). This will help the product adhere to the skin better.

2.) Work quickly
Once the A and B touch each other, they begin to cure or harden. It sets up in about 5 minutes.  I have worked with it before and 5 minutes is plenty of time to create a small wound, but only mix what you need at the moment.

3.) Don’t use latex
3rd Degree is silicone based and it will not cure (harden) if you use latex sponges or touch with latex gloves.

4.) Do not cross contaminate
The two parts of 3rd Degree will start to cure on contact with each other. To avoid ruining either jar, make sure your tools don’t introduce one product into the other.

5.) Coloring 3rd Degree
You can purchase 3rd Degree already intrinsically colored in flesh tones, blood-red, violet and clear. It can also be colored with PPI’s Skin Illustrator.

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