Violent Lips supports the fight against breast cancer

Limited Edition Pink Ribbon Collection

I just ordered my limited edition PINK RIBBON COLLECTION lip tattoos!
I have been feeling under the weather and thus haven’t spent a lot of time conscious today. Getting out of bed just long enough to write this blog.  Today while scrolling through emails and infomercial I ran across this new promo from Violent Lips, the makers of temporary lip tattoos.

I am a big fan of the Violent Lips brand and now I like them even more because they are partnering up for a good cause!

For every limited edition PINK RIBBON COLLECTION you buy, Violent Lips will donate $2.00 to the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Cost of these kisses:
I ordered my set just a few minutes ago. I paid $9.99 + $4.78 (shipping & handling) for a grand total of $15.54 USD. It includes a set of three lip tattoos with the breast cancer support ribbon(s), in various shades of pink. Each one unique and very stylish.  I am not sure where I will sport these, but I am sure this look is bound to spark conversation.

Find out more on
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Twitter :@violentlips
YouTube: ViolentLip’s Channel

Excerpt from Violent Lips website:
Introducing The Pink Ribbon Collection. A Stylish New Way to Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye! Violent Lips is proud to unveil our latest collection of temporary lip tattoos—the Pink Ribbon Line—in support of the National Breast Cancer Coalition

The Multi-Pattern Pack includes: The Ribbon Pattern, Solo Ribbon, and Pink Plaid with Ribbon designed by celebrity makeup artist Katie Alves.
Long lasting and super easy to apply, each Violent Lip package includes 3 Appliques.

Here is the demo I recorded at the 2011 IMATS LA on how to apply the lip tattoos.

Wrote A Review? Leave A Link!
I will let you know when I receive my lip tattoos and how they look.  In the mean time, if you have tried this product, leave a comment and tell me what you think.  If you written (or recorded) a review, leave the link when you comment.

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