MAC Fall Colour 2011, bad makeup look sells

MAC cosmetics new crazy promotion

What’s going on with MAC?
I am not sure if it is pure marketing genious or a rogue makeup artist on crack? Who knew that three horrible makeup looks could sell such beautiful makeup colors?

This look is related to the Joker

It’s like makeup looks from a really bad 70’s movie. Obviously bad wigs and  out right clown makeup. Do these look make you want to run out and buy their products? Is MAC so big that they can do whatever they want? Maybe there was a bet that they could use the worst makeup possible in an ad campaign and still make money.

Oddly enough, these bad looks were so superbly executed that it is genious. I am really digging the purple lipstick, “Violetta” used in Midnight Blue collection. I am putting that lip color on my Wish List.  The Joker look from the Angel Flame collection has some great Tinted Lipglass colors, espcially the “Good Times” color.  And Wild Colour collection has a crazy set of primary colors that remind me a bit of Sugarpill Cosmetics.  What will MAC come up with next?

What NOT to do with your MAC makeup

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Twitter: @MACCosmeticsPro

I found this MAC Fall Colour Swatches on Temptalia’s YouTube channel listed below
Also check out the Temptalia blog at
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