Revlon’s ColorStay liquid foundation with SoftFlex


When choosing a foundation, if I want a natural look, I like to wear Revlon’s ColorStay liquid foundation with SoftFlex (whatever that is… I think they are referring to silicone?), for combination/oily skin, in #400 Caramel. It’s lightweight and blends well. I can quickly apply it with my fingers, throw on a little powder, mascara and lip gloss and I am good to go.

Here’s what Revlon’s webstie says: ColorStay™ Makeup with SoftFlex™ provides lightweight comfort, so you feel like you’re not wearing makeup.Looks fresh for up to 16 hours. Medium to full coverage, with SPF 6 protection*.
*Golden, Caramel, Toast, Rich Ginger, Cappuccino, Mahogany, and Mocha do not contain SPF.

My review:
Gives a natural, fresh look to skin. I get light to almost medium coverage without looking overly made-up. Doesn’t irritate my skin. Sometimes when I wear foundation and the weather gets extremely hot, my skin starts to itch. ColorStay never gets itchy.  This foundation blends easily, and it is buildable for more coverage. I apply it with my fingertips but you can use a sponge or brush. Blends well with other foundations of different consistencies. I can use Revlon ColorStay in addition to other cosmetic brand foundation in various stick, cream and liquid formulas and of course, powder. Contains SPF 6… That is, if you have light skin. I guess Revlon doesn’t feel that dark skin women need SPF protection? What’s up with that?

Overall, Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation is quick to apply and my skin feels supple and well moisturized. It lets my natural skin shows through, so people see me, not my makeup. I can’t really say that I had 16 hours of wear, but I perspire quite a bit, so makeup wears off of me faster than most people.

Check out Revlon website for more info and tips and tricks

One more thing…..Revlon says they use “Softflex” and since I have no idea what that is, I Googled it. After a very short amount of searching, I couldn’t find an answer. If you know what Softflex is, let me know.

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