5 steps to a quick “no-makeup” makeup look

Think you don’t have time to apply makeup in the morning? Here are five quick steps to get you out the door looking fresh and naturally beautiful.  Plus, products you can find at Sephora that will help you get the look.

Step 1: Sheer tinted moisturizer with sun block

You get a hint of color with the moisture and sun protection you need.

Step 2:  Crème or gel blush

These blushes give you a glow like you are naturally flushed.  Smile and dab across the apples of your cheeks, blending toward the hairline.

Step 3: Light dusting of powder

Apply little extra powder to the entire eyelid. It will give your eyes a smoother finished look.

Step 4: Sheer lip color

Use a gloss, or sheer lipstick, or lip pencil.

Step 5:  Apply two or three coats of mascara

I like to use waterproof mascara, especially during allergy season.

What’s your quick “no-makeup” makeup routine? Leave a comment.

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